InASnapBooth.com came to life due to the lack of quality and options we felt were missing in many of the photo booth / photo booth operations serving the San Francisco & surrounding bay area.  

Having been to several functions, weddings, and corporate events where booths were being used, we found many booths to be just plain boring.  In addition, we could not believe hearing how much these companies were charging for such an inferior product & service!

So our mission was to quickly change from the status quo of having small sized booths, the boring same-old same-old props, low quality and extremely slow processing printers, and most importantly avoid having exhuberant rental prices.

The result is a modern twist of the simple & fun traditional photo booth.  A photo booth that contains the following:

- Best in class occupancy.  No more teeny-tiny 3 person booths; 4 people if you're lucky.  More people makes for more fun and our booths with our "flex curtain" system can easily accomodate the crazy & entertaining 8-10 person group shots.  We do have pictures on our "SNAPS" page where guests have squeezed 16 people in one shot.

- Best in class dye-sub printer.  It is absolutely astonishing to find competitors that use ink-jet printers in what is supposed to be a modern photo booth and charge the prices that they do.  Even worse is the amount of time it takes to retrieve finished prints where some booths make the guests wait an hour to pick up their prints!  Really?  

This is why we spared no expense in using a $1000 printer that not only cuts the 4x6 film into 2-2x6 inch strips, but processes studio grade prints in a blazing 12-14 seconds!  

- Best in class camera.  Many booths use lower grade webcams & simple point/shoot cameras but still try to charge you an arm & a leg just to rent their booth.  Here at InASnapBooth.com we like to take things to the next level which is why we have chosen to use Nikon D90 DSLR cameras for our high-quality booths.  Yes, we use a $1000 camera.  The same type of camera that many professional photographers use whom charge $3k-5k for their photo taking services.  No dark or blurry pictures here.  

Best in photo booth props.  We offer a wide assortment of outrageous & fun, in addition to simple & still classy, photo booth props.  Photo booths are supposed to be fun and FUN is definitely on our menu.

So please give us a try and we will absolutely guarantee that you and your guests will enjoy the time spent being InASnapBooth!


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